Job Switching provides faster Salary Increases – Here’s How!

It’s known that moving into a new job will push your salary higher and faster then hoping for a rise in your current role. Here are some top tips to help you decide whether to move or stay.

We were working with a client you had switched companies six times in 10 years, with each switch boosting his salary by at least 10%.

New Gulf Employment Legislation

With recent employment legislation in the Gulf making it easier for expatriate works to switch jobs, the lesson is don’t be afraid to change jobs to get more money or a better position. Al Arabiya Jobs is here to help you to sharpen your CV with a professional Z pattern layout.

Top Tips

Nothing makes you brain dead faster than a dead-end job, keep your skills up to date and to stay in demand. Showing up is half the battle, here are top tips to keep you ahead:

  • Only bad bosses want “Yes men”. Tell your boss when you think they are wrong. Good bosses respect honesty.
  • Start doing the job before getting the job title and thus make it easy for the organization to promote you as you are already doing the job!
  • Never publicly complain, as complainers never get ahead, are not respected or trusted. Communicating problems without complaining is a powerful soft skill that will help you earn lots of money in your career. Take our MasterClass as part of our Candidate Management Service for a step by step guide.

Keep doing the Basics

If you show up every day and do your job the best you can, your already ahead of most of your co-workers. Keep it up and you will climb the ladder.