How to get the Edge in Gulf Interviews

Most of your success will not come from the skills and experience listed on your CV, but from your soft skills and your ability to connect with the decision maker. Here are some specific tips from our experience which recruiters seek in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.

Look Organised – Carry a notebook

Looking prepared and professional makes a good impression. Even if you not used, carry a notebook and on the off-chance you do need it you’re prepared to take notes.

Body Language – Smile

Instead of looking tired or giving the impression your angry, chose to smile. It conveys positive energy and a more receptive character, this is especially important in Saudi Arabia.

Job Requirements – Understand them!

Know the specific requirements of the job and then connect on those points with references to your experience.

Nod to Acknowledge Questions

Focus on the discussion and nod at the end of each point as the interviewer ask the question whilst maintaining eye contact. To be able to do this requires skilled communication so be sure to check out our MasterClass.

Ask Questions!

A typical interview will end with “Do you have any questions for us?”

Have a good question prepared. Never say “Nope”, or, “You have already answered my questions”. Those are bullshit answers.

Be Prepared to Talk about your Weaknesses

Talk about real weaknesses, and not rely on the standard template answers. Everyone has weaknesses so mention one which is not directly required by the job. Good weaknesses to talk about are often soft-skills such as marketing, negotiating or documentation.