Spend less time on Job Boards, Tap the Hidden Gulf Job Market Instead

Al Arabiya Jobs recently worked with a candidate who had applied to over 500 jobs with little success. Since working with us and two months later she scored multiple interviews and a job offer. We worked on her spending less time using conventional job techniques, and instead focused on accessing the hidden job market.

Here are some non-conventional techniques we worked on successfully.


Firstly, we narrowed her focus and concentrated on twenty suitable companies which were expanding and likely will have hiring needs. Then for each of these companies review their earnings and press releases, follow interviews and keynotes with executives, review financial statements and forecasts from analysts.

Work out your Angle and Build Contacts

We asked a number of questions. Firstly, is there a challenge that she can help the company overcome? Next is there an opportunity where she can help the company capitalize on?

We aimed for around ten targets at each target company who had to be on the hiring team and be able to influence her ability to get hired.

As a first step she started engaging with their content, providing complementary posts in their blogs or posts. Once a response came, she increased engagement turned the angle into a PowerPoint pitch deck outlining her ideas which was forwarded to the target with the aim of getting a referral. On a number of occasions this led to interviews from which the job offer materialised.

Access the Hidden Job Market with Al Arabiya Jobs

Understand how to access the hidden job market and get to the front of the queue to find your next job in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar with our Candidate Management Service offering you a MasterClass of accessing the hidden Gulf Job market, and a professionally written CV. At Al Arabiya Jobs we have been doing this for over two decades and have an extensive network of contacts across the Gulf to assist you to successfully tap the hidden job market.