Simple Tricks to Boost your Gulf Job Search

Engagement is prospective roles and the people who control entry to those roles is a key step to building your brand. Here are some simple tricks to personal brand building targeting boosting your chances of landing your next role.

Build your Brand

  1. Leave valuable comments on LinkedIn posts in your target industry. Comments can generate lots of profile views, so find target thought leaders in your target area. Leave supportive, valuable comments on new posts.
  2. Engage with your target companies on social media
  3. Share something you’ve learned
  4. Email one potential referral every day

Be sure to check their feeds daily. Repeat every day for some ace results.

Communication is Key

Your success depends more on your communication skills than the skills and experience on your CV. Let us show you how with our jobs MasterClass as part of our Candidate Management Service. Access the hidden Gulf job market and get to the front of the queue to find your next job in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.