Saudi Arabian Diplomat Flees India after Rape Allegations

Saudi Arabian Diplomat Flees India after Rape Allegations
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Majed Hassan Ashoor, First Secretary at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Delhi, has fled India under the protection of diplomatic immunity after being accused of holding captive and repeatedly raping two Nepali maids at his luxury apartment.

In disturbing testimony, the women said they were gang-raped by up to eight male visitors at a time in the apartment where the diplomat lived with his wife and family. Medical tests have reportedly confirmed that they were victims of sexual assault. The women, aged 30 and 50, said they were starved and sexually abused by him and other Saudi nationals. “We thought we would die there,” one of the women told the AFP news agency, adding that they were abused every day.

The Indian foreign ministry took the unusual step of naming the diplomat as Majed Hassan Ashoor in a statement announcing that he had left the country under the Vienna Convention. The treaty grants diplomats immunity from arrest and prosecution when they are serving overseas.

A senior Indian police officer said that a case of “rape, sodomy and illegal confinement” has been registered against the Saudi official. Under the Vienna convention, diplomats and their family members enjoy legal protection in countries where they are posted and cannot be arrested or detained for any crime. The incident saw several women rights activists protest outside the Saudi embassy in New Delhi, demanding the diplomat’s arrest.

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