Shame on Saudi Arabia

Shame on Saudi Arabia
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“I’m most indignant over the Arab countries who are rolling in money and who only take very few refugees,” Danish Finance Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen said in an interview this week at his office in Copenhagen. “Countries like Saudi Arabia. It’s completely scandalous.”

report on Bloomberg stated, Gulf countries have long been wary of opening their doors to refugees, said Michael Stephens, a Middle East research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies. In Qatar or the U.A.E., where native populations are the minority, even 30,000 could change the demographic balance.

“The Gulf states have always been very worried about security threats from Syrian refugees,” he said. But demographic and social pressures are not “enough of a reason” to decline accepting refugees, he said.

“Have consciences died? Why can’t able countries like Gulf nations take part in hosting refugees?” Saudi cleric Salman Aloda tweeted to his 7 million followers on Aug. 29.

Syria is familiar to many Gulf Arabs. It was a playground for many enjoying the more liberal approach to life, shopping for clothes and lingerie and dining out with alcohol in Damascus.




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