Jeering Men Attack Women in Saudi Arabia Park – Video

Jeering Men Attack Women in Saudi Arabia Park – Video
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Shocking video shows terrified women surrounded by jeering men as they walk along promenade in Saudi Arabia‚Ķ where THEY have been blamed for ‘provoking’ the men despite wearing burkha and face veils.

YouTube footage prompted outrage among Saudi women’s right activist and led to police investigation which reportedly saw six boys questioned. Newer clip emerged purporting to show same women arriving at scene where the veiled women are said to have acted in ‘seductive and tempting manner’ – ‘provoking’ the crowd of men.

In the minute-long video, the two young women – dressed in traditional burkhas and face veils – become visibly distressed as they are harassed and intimidated by the men in the city of Jeddah.

The clip recently went viral in the country and sparked public outrage, prompting a police investigation which reportedly led to six boys being detained and questioned.

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